Safety Management

Improve the safety culture and compliance within your business

Workplace health and safety in Australia is a very complex area and deserves the highest level of attention by senior executives of large / medium businesses and operators of small businesses to keep their workers and others safe.

We can assist you to determine if your business has a good safety culture and also advise on where improvements can be made to achieve a ‘Best Practice’ level of safety with respect to complying with the Work Health and Safety legislation.

We can also support your business to maintain continuity of safety management by filling in for members of your safety team when they are on leave as well as providing any additional support required by your safety team with the management of work health and safety issues at your workplace.

Compliance Audit

WHS Due Diligence

We can conduct WHS Due Diligence Surveys for CEO’s, executive directors and senior management (those defined as Officers under the WHS legislation) to gauge their understanding of their due diligence responsibilities under the WHS legislation.

We can also deliver ‘Due Diligence’ training sessions for ‘Officers’ (CEO’s, GM’s, senior executives) to enable them to better understand their legal responsibility under the Work Health and Safety legislation.

Work Safety

Safety Culture

We can undertake Safety Culture Surveys within your business to determine what level the safety culture is at and what corrective actions can be implemented to improve it.

Work Health and Safety legislation awareness training can also be provided to enable senior management, supervisors and workers to better understand the legal requirements of the Work Health and Safety Act, Regulations and Codes of Practice.

Compliance Audit

Compliance Audit

We can conduct a Compliance Audit as per the Work Health and Safety Regulations to enable your business to understand where the non-compliance gaps are and what corrective action is required.

These audits will assist you to comply with the WHS legislation and reduce the financial risk to your business from costly workers compensation claims and litigation due to serious accidents.

workplace safety

Reduction of Injuries

We can assist your business to reduce workplace incidents (near misses), accidents resulting in a serious injury and costly workers compensation claims by reviewing your workers compensation and hazard reporting data and then undertaking comprehensive investigations. 

Our comprehensive investigation work will assist to determine the root cause of an accident or incident and what form of corrective action is required to prevent a recurrence.


Safety Management Systems

We can assist your business to identify where there may be gaps in your safety management system and provide advice on where improvements can be made.

Support can also be provided with the development of work health and safety policies and procedures.

Workplace Safety

Safe Work

We can review the work activities carried out by workers within your business to initially determine if there are any risks associated with the work they are undertaking, whether the training they have received is effective / competency based and whether your work activities are consistent with your documented safe work procedures. 

We can also undertake project work relative to specific safety issues that you may seek to address within your business.

We can also assist you to better understand how to comply and conform with the WHS / OHS legislation, codes of practice and Australian Standards.


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