Accidents, Hazards, Complaints & Bullying

We conduct high level investigations into accidents, near miss incidents, reported hazards, worker complaints and bullying harassment issues to determine causation and the corrective action required.

Accident reporting

Accident Investigations

We can conduct comprehensive investigations into accidents and provide a detailed report with specific corrective actions to assist with the prevention of a recurrence.

We are able to support your business when you have a notifiable incident that is reportable to the safety regulator in your state and which requires a comprehensive investigation to determine causation and corrective actions.

We can also support you through the investigation process when the safety regulator is investigating a serious workplace safety accident at your workplace which may lead to legal action by the regulator.

safety regulator

Safety Regulator

We can support your business with any workplace health and safety interaction you may have with your state government workplace safety regulator. 

This support could be with accident, incident or complaint investigations carried out by the safety regulator, or with any action relative to Inspectors Improvement / Prohibition Notices that are issued, or with any legal action to be taken by the safety regulator in relation to any safety breaches.


Auditing & Reporting

We can conduct workplace safety management system and hazard based audits and provide comprehensive reports with detailed corrective actions. 

workplace complaint

Workplace Hazards/Complaints

We can investigate hazard reports and complaints made by workers or others and provide comprehensive reports with detailed corrective actions. 

accident investigation

Near Miss Incidents

We can conduct comprehensive investigations of near miss incidents to ensure appropriate corrective action is taken to prevent a more serious accident occurring which could result in a death or serious injury to a worker or other person.

workplace bullying

Workplace Bullying

We can investigate workplace bullying and harassment complaints / issues and provide comprehensive reports.

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