Hazard and Risk

WHS Requirements

We offer practical solutions to help you understand 'What Compliance Looks Like' within your business.

Safety Inspections

Safety Inspections

We can conduct thorough site safety inspections at your workplace to identify any hazards and provide detailed reports which will include risk assessments, corrective actions and action plans.

Industry Audit

Industry Audit Tools

We can assist you to develop specific audit tools for high risk areas of your business to enable you to understand ‘What Compliance Looks Like’ from a practical perspective as per the requirements of the WHS Regulation, Codes of Practice and Australian Standards.


Compliance Audit

We can conduct a Compliance Audit as per the Work Health and Safety Regulations to enable your business to understand where the non-compliance gaps are and what corrective action is required.

These audits will assist you to comply with the WHS legislation and reduce the financial risk to your business from costly workers compensation claims and litigation due to serious accidents.



We can conduct hazard identification, risk assessment and corrective action training for managers, supervisors and workers to enable them to have a practical understanding of what the hazards are at their workplace and how to rectify them through practical corrective action.

Looking for a practical approach to improve safety within your business?

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